2014-15 Snapper Season Winds Up

The end of January saw us once again winding up our Snapper charters out of Holdfast Shores in preparation for the upcoming 3 day live aboard season. With December being one of the windiest I can remember just getting out became an issue. On the days we could get out the good stocks of Snapper at Tapleys Shoal made for excellent charter fishing. Achieving bag limits of both big and small categories of fish was nearly a daily occurrence. Some days saw us finished by lunchtime allowing us time to target some Whiting.

The weather settled in January and the fishing stayed red hot on the Shoals. The numbers of medium to large Snapper were astonishing providing great fun for all involved. We can only hope the 2015-16 season is as productive.IMGP6568 (1280x850)IMGP6570 (850x1280)IMGP6662 (1280x850) (2)

2014/2015 Snapper season opens.

The 2014/15 South Australian Snapper season has opened in fine form after six weeks of closure. At midday Monday 15th of December we fished Tapley Shoal with a group of local lads and experienced some of the best Snapper fishing I have ever witnessed. Reaching our bag limit of large Snapper we then targeted smaller snapper and King George Whiting with good success. A great day was had by all and it looks like it is going to be another cracker season.

Nice opening day Snapper
Nice opening day Snapper
IMGP6408 (1280x850)
Plenty of smiles aboard Absolute Fishing Charters.

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2014 Snapper Ban

Snapper (Pagrus auratus)

All South Australian waters.

From midday 1 November to midday 15 December.

Snapper spatial spawning closures for all fishing sectors. Possessing, fishing for and taking Snapper within the four kilometre radius of each spatial closure area will be prohibited.

Spencer Gulf

  • 4 km radial closure encompassing the ‘Illusion’ (137o 32.600′ E, 33o 28.900′ S)
  • 4 km radial closure encompassing ‘Santa Anna’ (137o 36.300′ E, 33o 36.300′ S)
  • 4 km radial closure encompassing ‘Jurassic Park’ (137o 19.100′ E, 33o 54.700′ S)
  • 4 km radial closure encompassing ‘Estelle Star’ (136o 50.900′ E, 33o 58.900′ S)

Gulf St Vincent

  • 4 km radial closure encompassing waters of northern Gulf St Vincent, where broad aggregation of spawning Snapper occurs (138° 00.000′ E, 34°25.860′ S)

Map of closures
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