certificate Absolute Fishing Charters is committed to ensuring sustainable fishing practices are adhered to during all of its charters. We are strict to follow South Australian Fisheries enforced charter boat bag and size limits and encourage catch and release on a number of species.

An example of this occurs during our three day charters where close to one hundred percent of the Samson Fish caught are released . To aid in the release of these deep water species a specially developed weight is used to lower the fish back to the depths it prefers. By doing this the fish is returned quickly, safely and with the least amount of stress as possible.

We also take care to release all undersize and unwanted fish as quickly as possible therefore minimising any effects of stress.

During our charters respect is also shown to all other marine creatures including sea birds and mammals.






Absolute Fishing Charters adhere to strict day to day environmental standards set by the Environmental Protection Authority. These include the correct containment and disposal of Black Water (toilet) and Grey Water (shower, basin and sink). All rubbish including paper and plastic is disposed of responsibly at land based facilities. Bottles and cans are all recycled at a land based depot. Special care is also taken with the disposal of all unwanted/used oils and rags, engine filters, diesel and solvents.

Consideration is also taken when choosing cleaning products for the day to day use aboard “Reel Therapy”. Preferably biodegradable and marine friendly products are chosen.